The photographs below show the refurbished notices cabinet in its new position in the College reception area.

The following is a brief history of the cabinet and how it comes to be there.

Audrey Leworthy will be remembered, I am sure, by many Old Palmerians.
Miss Leworthly was Head Mistress of Palmer's Girls' School from 1940 to 1962.

In the early nineties the Executive Committee felt it would be useful to have a cabinet sited in the College to display Association news and events. It was suggested that a commemorative cabinet in memory of Miss Leworthy would be appropriate.
Committee member, Steve Foreman (Chairman 1999-2000) informed the committee that he knew a local tradesman who would be willing to construct a cabinet to the committee’s design and he (Steve) would oversee the project. The committee agreed to this arrangement. The completed cabinet was first installed in the Lower Students Centre in 1993. The original Girls’ School Assembly Hall had, by then, undergone a complete refurbishment, which included adding an extra floor, resulting in the upper and lower students centre.

When, at a later date, the Lower Students Centre was refurbished, the cabinet was moved to the foyer of the College Sports Hall. As time passed the Sports Hall foyer was also refurbished and the cabinet was put into storage. This situation was brought to my attention by Ruth Hunwick, the Association’s Registration Secretary and Jill Snelling, (Chairman 1992-95, 2001-02, 2009-10 and 2013-14) who works in the College.

I spoke to the Principal, Mark Vinall, about this situation and suggested that if I was willing to refurbish the cabinet would it be possible to install it again in an appropriate position in the College. He agreed to this and suggested a site in the reception area.

I transported the cabinet to my workshop (garage) and before I could start the refurbishment I had to ‘break in’ as a key could not be found. The refurbishment included scraping off the old varnish, adjusting the fit of the doors, applying a light oak stain and finishing with two coats of clear polyurethane varnish and fitting a new lock.
The heading, ‘Old Plamerians’ Association’ at the top of the cabinet, was done originally with stick-on gold letters. A number of these letters were damaged, so I arranged for a signwriter friend to ‘write’ the heading in gold leaf. I also added two down lighters to illuminate the notices and replaced the door glass with safety glass to comply with safety regulations. The original commemorative plaque was in poor condition so a new one was obtained and is fixed to the bottom rail of the left-hand door.

Over the Christmas holiday 2015/16, and with the help of one of the caretaking staff, I fixed the cabinet to a wall in the reception area and connected up the ‘down lighters’.

John Sach

October 2016


the cabinet

the corridor

commemorative plaque