A collection of memorabilia supplied by Bert French in 2023

Amongst Bert's papers were some interesting items that record the fact that there was a charge per term for attendance at Palmers in the 1940's.

The documents that Bert has show a price of £5.5.0 which many will recognise as being 5 guineas.
Allowing for inflation, 5 guineas in 1943 is the equivalent of around £305 today.
Getting on for £1,000 per year.

3 examples of the associated receipts are shown below together with an official reminder that the Fee must be paid in advance.

Also to be seen below is Bert's report for the Lent term in1942 at age 14.

Not sure if he picked this one specifically but it does show that he was 2nd in class!

Finally Brett supplied a photo of No 1 Platoon in 1946 with some boys names on the reverse.
I plan to ask Bert for further details about the photo that I can include here.


The fees reminder

3 fees receipts

Bert's 'nearly top' school report

The cadets' photo and some names on the back Hopefully more info later.