Colin Peplow's photo from 1948/9 of 6B or U6B

Colin is fourth from right in middle row (Colin Peplow)
Front row 3rd from R is Geoff Bullcock?
Front row 3rd from L is Dennis Mabey?
It would be nice to have names to faces!

If you can add any other names to the photo please let us know.

Jan 2010 - suggestions from Gordon Bannister below

Click on the photo to see an enlargement.

A note from Gordon Bannister (1944-1952) and some names from Peter Happé plus Oct11 updates from Tim Cheyne.
I think the photo shows Mr Jordan with School and House prefects of that time rather than a particular form.
A few names have come to mind plus a few guesses!

Top row: 1 Colin Gredley, 2 Ronald Shaw, 3 Brian Lang, 4 Roy Clark, 5 Peter Harper, 6 Michael 'sticky' Glew, 7 Tim Cheyne, 8 Ian Porteous 9 Alec Wardrop, 10 Bryan Nicholson, 11 Gordon Bannister, 12 Brian Chaplin

Middle row 1 Ron Beer 2 ? Hunt, 3 Tony Tidswell, 4 Don Saunders, 5 Geoffrey Harrington, 6 ? Riley, 7 John Iffland [ Mar 2015 - See note below ], 8 Colin Peplow

Front row 1 Maurice Holt, 2 Sidney Bull, 3 Dennis Mabey, 4 John Taylor, 5 Mr F. Jordan, 6 Derek Gay, 7 Geoffrey Bullcock, 8 ?? 9 Andrew Salisbury

The boys in this photograph were from Arts and Science Sixth
The House Captains are on the front row

More Tim Cheyne notes:
At that time John Taylor was School Captain (Head Boy) and I am reasonably sure that Maurice Holt was his deputy.
I am puzzled by three absences from the photograph:
Roderic Cook who surprised and delighted us with his 'Lord Chancellor' in Iolanthe and later went on to a career on stage and screen.
Ian Jarvis, who joined the RAF and sadly was later killed in an accident.
Paul Mier with an incredible enquiring mind who I would think went into science of some sort.
I thought that they were still at the school at that time but perhaps not.
Kind regards.
Tim (1943-50)

March 2015 - Note from Clifford Iffland
Middle row 5th from right: John Francis Iffland. Went on to study medicine at the London Hospital Whitechapel, eventually joining the RAMC. Served on occasions as an army field surgeon with 55 Field Surgical Team. Married Thea Crowl 1955. Deceased 1987, 55 years old. Still survived by his wife and children Clifford, David and Thea.