Ivor Richardson's photos

If you can add any details to them or have any questions for Ivor please email the secretary.

My 11+ photo from East Thurrock Primary School 1950...the whole of the top line went on to Palmers...

From left...Ian Brand, Michael Ford, Reggie Fowler, Peter Freeman, Andrew Moore, John Gray, Barrie Martin, Peter Wiseman, Derek Lobley, Ivor Richardson, David Perry.

I’m pretty sure all the second row went on to Palmers Girls...

Marie Thurgood, Jacqueline Chappell , Linda Cooper (who I loved), Pamela Gager, Barbara Powell, Joan Brook, Pamela Scott (daughter of John Scott, music teacher at Palmers), Elizabeth Murray, Jacqueline Joliffe, Margaret Winks.

Bottom row:
Alan Deats, (father ran the dairy business along ‘The Parade’), Barbara Jackson and Roger Murrell.

On my photo John Mott and Peter Patient are missing from the boys.

Eileen Fouch (whom I knew well) is missing from the girls.

Would be nice if any of this was of interest to someone...I would answer any questions...

Myself on the left, (note the absence of a school blazer...I told you we were poor) with John Stannard, a classmate of UpperVB at the time.
Sadly, John died around 1994 (I think) but I know no more than that.
Alan Gooch would know if he is still involved with the Associaton.
He could probably fill in some details.