Stephen Newlyn's photos

These are photos from the Skiing trip to Austria in January 1966 from Steve Newlyn.

John Sach is the master on the left of the 3 masters photo and the other two masters are Paul Wormleighton who was a PE teacher and Les Jones who had been a pupil at the boys school and returned to teach History, but I do not know whether they are in that order in the photograph.

The trip to Fieberbrunn in the Kitzbuhl district Austrian Tyrol took place in January 1966. If I remember we left on 1st January travelling by train from Grays to London then to Dover where we embarked on a cross Channel ferry to Calais then boarded a train to Innsbruck and then another train to our final destination arriving early afternoon. I think we started the return journey on 14 January to arrive back on the Saturday 15.

If you can supply any more names or details please let us know.


A before and after (next photo) of the 3 masters that accompanied pupils -
from the left: John Sach, Les Jones ex pupil who returned to teach History and Paul Wormleighton -
a PE master who I think came to the school in 1964.

The 'after' of the 3 masters that accompanied pupils.

Two masters getting ready for the drag lift

Some of the pupils - from the left: Ray Cackett, Dave Wood, Brian Emsell, Cleveland Key ( aka Gus ), John Allsop
Brian Emsell was a long jump record holder
Cleveland Key (1960 to 1967) went on to Teachers Training College then taught in the Essex area for 36 or so years - the last 5 or 6 at Palmers College teaching Travel and Tourism.