Tony Reeve's Photo Album

Tony Reeve has provided the following photos.

"I remember having more but they've disappeared over the years; and the quality was appalling
(ex-WD filmstock from 65mm aerial cameras sliced up for a Minox and home-developed
in a curtained-off passage-end of the boarding master's flat - courtesy of Dai Davies."

If you can add any other details about the photos please let us know.

5th Aug 09: Some names re Upper VI 1956-7 from Peter McDonald
Dec 2010 - Note from Arthur Lowe re re Upper VI Arts
I have a copy of the photo of the Upper VI Arts class (1956)
taken in the rose garden and in my album beside it are the autographs of those in the photo
but not in the order of sitting and without first names, but this might help.

M J Ford, G A Marlton, D Harrington, R F Fowler, J B Yates, J A Mott, J R Lewis, A G Davies

On the seat arms at either end: me and R M Jalland
In between, sitting on the seat: P B McDonald, Mr. Bone (form master), D A Mann
Front row seated on grass: A J Reeve, D J Cook, T R Hawes.

1st Dec 2011 - Notes on photo #7 from Mick Mancer

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