Dec 2020 - Paul King has provided some cricketing photos of behalf of his father Graham King
who attended Palmers School for Boys during the1950's
Oct 2019 - A photo from David Rice showing the School Swimming Squad 1964
that also appears in photo #10 from Martin & Chris Bridge
Dec 2015 - 3 sets of scans from David Mooring (1954-61):
1960 Speech Day Programme
1961 Speech Day Programme
Old Palmerian Magazine July 1980 (includes EJ Moorhouse's tribute to FJ Jordan).

April 2007 - A few photos from David Bannister


Palmers in 1959.
The links below are to a film that was made from 8mm footage taken in 1959.
We thank David Bishop in Melbourne, Australia for contributing this excellent piece of Palmers' history.

The PC version
The MAC version (needs Quicktime)


Brian Ross supplied pictures
Girls school
Boys school (updated Jan 2015)
Chic Tyrell
1977 Cricket Team
1967 Cricket Team
Mr Cramp
1950 First XI Cricket Team
1951 First XI Cricket Team
1950 Sixth Form
 Football Teams 1961/2 and 1947/8
1954 Sixth Form
1952 Swimming Team and 1953 Cricket Team
Gazette Article
Prefects - 1954
Production of Tobias and the Angel 1954
Upper and Lower six 1954
Second XI 1958
Pictures supplied by Dave Bishop
Boarders by the Tuck Shop
Original Gazette Pictures
Some Photos from the boys' archives


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